Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Graveyard Shift


The Walking Wounded

2 wounded zombies made it to Rockwood Park for another 430am session.

As I pulled up, a police officer pulled around right behind Florence and I thought our workout was going to be over before it started. But he moved along as I found a parking spot. Here’s what he observed from the other side of the parking lot. (The entire time!)





Standing leg kicks


American Hammers IC

Warmup complete

We stayed in the basketball court where the timer runs to the other side of the parking lot and back (100 yardsish each way), while the other does step ups onto the bench

Repeat 3 times for each leg

Next is A Dora

Continue the laps we would complete the following exercises

50 double count Star crunches

100 double count ball dippers

150 WW2s

200 squats

Continue with some more ab exercises

Flutter kicks IC

Heels to heaven IC

Leg climbers (I’ve always done thes climbing 1 leg in the air to touch the bottom of my foot) Florence suggested 2 legs! Fire! Should have done more.

I believe that is it.

Florence and I both were nursing mild injuries, so we made a committee decision to avoid distance running and upper body.

We had a great time at the Rugged Maniac and are both looking forward to the one in the Fall. Lookout for announcements on an F3 group signup. It is on October 9th.

Next time we will invite Chesterfield’s finest to join us as an FNG. Im going with Barney Fife as his name.


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