Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Coupon count: 10… err 9


Eight emerged from the gloom to see how work is progressing on the Carillon. According to the dogs staging a sit-in at tables in the Amphitheater this is what transpired.

After the customary disclaimer QIC opened the back of his standard size SUV and handed each member of the PAX at least one shiny new cinder block. Some were fortunate enough to receive two! The group moseyed to the Ha’ Penny Stage to begin replenishment of the coupon supply.

At the Stage – COP: SSH, Helicopters, IW, DQ, C Squats, Merkins, LBC, APD all in cadence

Coupon Count: 10

Group into groups of about 4 for a Triple Check with the new coupons – Curls, Chest raises, runner touches 5 trees. There was some confusion about groups and actual head count. After a couple rounds QIC decided to move to the next activity with hopes of keeping things a bit more organized. Deposit coupons under the stage. One coupon did not survive it’s initial action encounter. RIP

Coupon Count: 9

Mosey to the street at the opposite end of the big field: Increment merkins at lightposts to intersection /Increment burpees on the return

Mosey to the Amphitheater – 5 box cutters on each step going down, 5 merkins on each step coming back up

Mosey to the Field – The Beast (6 sets of 6 exercises repeated at 6 intervals down the field and back). Exercises were LBC, Squats, Carolina Dry Docks, American Hammers — called for time

Mosey back to the start by way of the Ha’ Penny Stage to collect the remains of the broken cinder block. Limbs and torso were disposed of.

Three minutes of Mary: Freddie Mercury’s IC, APD’s IC, Flutter kicks OYO

Numberama / Namerama. YHC took us out. 2nd F at Libbie Market as per custom where we had a Flatline sighting in a snazzy Army sweatshirt.


  • CSAUP May 6 at Currahee – see the pre-Blast and Gomer Pyle for info – Ruck 6am, Bootcamp 7am, Relay Run 8am
  • There is a volunteer opportunity at Dogwood Dell on Sunday 5/7 at 8:30a – Come help build a children’s play area in the garden area that has been developing along Love Hill behind Barker Field. Posh has info which was shared in the 3rd F channel on Slack

Prayers: Fergie’s brother was diagnosed with cancer this week. It’s been an unexpected blow to his family but they are ready to fight! Up Chuck’s nephew is dealing with the loss of a Marine buddy in a training accident.

Thanks to everybody who posted today and helped shuttle the new coupons into place. I didn’t expect to break one out of the gate but thank you also for helping to clean up the fragments. Thinking about the coupons being removed/cleaned up lead me to reflect on how fortunate we are to have access to the public spaces for our AO’s and how important is we continue to respect them and respect other users of them. I’m proud of how well we do this! Our opportunity to use these spaces the way we do is a privilege we never want to take for granted.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead and be part of something bigger than myself. SYITG

Work on the Carillon appears to be happening. That’s about all I can say.


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