Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Four nincompoop runners accompanied three nincompoop ruckers for today’s RAMM. Yesterday’s slack teaser only resulted in a few takers; perhaps without the teaser no one would have shown. These are today’s questions that will never be answered.

The Route

Inspired by last week’s personal diversion coming back from Monument, this week’s route promised to be the simplest complex route ever.

Course boundaries were Hamilton to the east, Broad to the north, and Chantilly to the west. Start by turning right on Grove. Take first left. Then first right, left, right, left, etc. until you reach a boundary. Once a boundary is reached, turn around 180 and head the other direction, following a similar pattern.

6s doubled back once they hit a boundary mother goose style to add mileage before continuing on.

Numbers, names, YHC took us out after coercion from Wedding Singer to move along.


YHC enjoyed this route. After mapping it out yesterday, the route reminded me of the old 80s video game Q*bert. No box jumps today, simply a lot of left and right turns. Could have been an advanced level of Q*bert back in the day.

Upon arrival at home, YHC was greeted with strange looks from my 9YO. His comment was, “you ran in this?” YHC replied, “Absolutely! We are a bunch of nincompoops.” After inquiring what a nincompoop is because he had never heard that term he replied with, “We call them buttheads these days.” Buttheads indeed.

Thanks to the 4 runners who endured my creativity. YHC will lobby Lockjaw to name this route the Q*bert route.

Enjoy the day fellas. We bring the weather to everything we do! Bring sunshine today!


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