Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

That sucked


Hi all.. hope all is well. My ego is still recovering fron another WTH beatdown. Every once in a while you have to break out an old beatdown that sucked.. Welp.. the WTH parking deck is just such an occasion. It’s super simple on paper but not in execution.

4 pax joined in.. disclaimers given and off we go.

Mosey from AO at Pocahontas Middle school to Short Pump Back St 4 story parking deck.

COP: some SSH, some IW, some windmills

The Thang: The Parking Deck (WIB)

Do 20 of call exercise at top of each ramp and the flat turn until you get to top then run to bottom and circle back for the 6. Do 3 times with different exercises.

called exercise: Round one Merkins.. Round 2 WW2.. Round 3.. Jump Squats.

Run back to AO.

Over all its 3.5 miles, 120 merkins, 120 WW2, 120 Jump Squats. … oh dang. I just had a hell of an idea thinking of my my buddy Attila Gridiron workout.. next WTH parking deck will be compounding.. OUCH!. YUP. it’s gonna happen.

Ok.. I’m done. Have a great day. Love y’all. Call someone you haven’t heard from like Probation or Carmax or Easyride or your long lost uncle.

Until next time. SYITG!!

One last thing… the sun rise from the top of the parking deck at 6am IS AMAZING.


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