Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Mercy 3/4 Mile


Mosey to the MS parking lot and ease into the warm up with dead man hangs. The copious amounts of groaning and moaning from the PAX during dead man hangs set a strong tone for the rest of the morning. Also mixed in Cherry Pickers, Merkins, DQs, Freddie Mercurys, LBCs, and helicopters.

Experimented with a new pearl called Clockwork Orange. Each man stands on side of hill. With feet in the center of the clock, do 1 burpee (at 1 o’clock), 2 WW2s (at 2 o’clock), 3 burpees (at 3 o’clock), 4 WW2s (at 4 o’clock), all the way around the clock until 12 o’clock. Needs improvement (i.e., do on flat surface or less steep hill).

No Mercy Mile was next on the list. Line up on track. Lap 1: 25 Merkins at midpoint of straightaway, run to curve, Bear Crawl curve, run to midpoint of straightaway, do 25WW2s, run to curve, Lunge curve. Lap 1 done. Rinse and repeat. Lap 2: wide grip Merkins, Bear Crawl curve, Alabama Prom Dates (even more moaning than the Dead Man Hangs during Warmarama), Lunge curve. Lap 3: More of the same but swapped Bear Crawls for Bernie Sanders and Lunges for Reverse Lunges. Only finished 3 laps because of time.

Moseyed back to start after 25 Jerkins on an unsuspecting pole.

Machismo’s office is coming along. Possible destination for a beer (not work) in the future.

Good to be with you boys this morning. Enjoyed the laughs and the rolling down the hill during Clockwork Orange. Also appreciate the life and family updates during our No Mercy Mile – really 3/4 mile.


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