Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hey, we’re trying to socialize here


It has been a minute since YHC Q’ed a bootcamp (and apparently Q’ing a run doesn’t count). 8 HIM joined YHC on the lush fields of No Toll this morning to get the day started off right. Here’s what went down…

30 second late start waiting for PAX coming in hot. YHC received some jabs over starting late so off we go. Mosey to back parking lot.

COT: DQs, Imperial Walkers, LBCs, Flutter Kicks, TTTs, Tricep Extensions

Ascending Quarter Pounder:

Run to 25 for 25 merkins, Bernie back.

Run to 50 for 25 merkins, 50 squats, Bernie back.

Run to 75 for 25 merkins, 50 squats, 75 two-count mountain climbers, Bernie back.

Run to the end zone for 25 merkins, 50 squats, 75 two-count mountain climbers, 100 SSHs, Bernie back.

One round of Killer B’s: Bear crawl half way across field, repeat 5 broad jumps, 5 burpees until crossing the rest of the way

11s: Box jumps and WWIIs

With plenty of time remaining, the PAX earned another round of Killer B’s.

Indigenous people’s run around the entire perimeter (and BTTF) with last person doing 5 merkins before catching up.

5 MOM: American Hammers, WWIIs, Flutter Kicks, Dollys, Crunch Frogs, and more that I can’t remember

Burpees until time is called.

Numbers, Names, Announcements, Prayer Requests, YHC took us out.


Oyster Pays lunch this Thursday at Rusty Taco (1145 till ?)

May 21: Family time with basketball and grillin at Bettie Weaver, 530 (see OC for more details)

May 6: CSAUP (see Gomer)

Prayers for Chippendale who is recovering from a minor stroke on Saturday. Glad that all is well.

NMS: Great to be at No Toll this morning with these fine gents. Appreciate OC turning down the Q at Old Hundred to join YHC this morning….and appreciate Gumbo crossing the river. And appreciate the rest of y’all too. Today’s Q involved a lot of counting. So much so that it cut into the mumblechatter a bit too much. The BB title is a quote from DK…who wasn’t letting all the counting mess with his conversation.

Have a great day fellas! Thanks for letting me lead. Peace!


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