Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where did our coupons go?


10 Terrible Thoroughbreds emerged from the gloom for a special Earth Day workout. According to the slow driveby looking for a some other daily hookup here is what went down more or less.

5 burpee start. Mosey to COP. Mission. Disclaimer. 15x SSH, 10x Don Quixote, 10x IW, 10x Ukrainian Soldiers, 10x Copperhead Squats, 15x Arm Circles, 15x reverso Arm circles, 10x Merkin, 10x WA merkins, 10x diamond merkin, 10x Hulk Hogan merkin, 10x SHAZZAMs, 2 +1 OMC merkins. Flip it over. 20x OyO WW2, 10x Hello Dolly, 10x Rosalita, 10x HtH, 10x flutter kick, 10x Freddie Mercuries, 10x Grass Angel, 10x Prom Dates, 10x Tusacaloosa Trailerpark Twister. Mosey to Rusty Cage.

Pullup challenge. Partner up. Each pax find your max. Do it again jumping up and lowering to your max. 8×3 Jerkins. Mosey to stage, Oops no blocks, mosey to pipe loop instead  

Triple check. Abs + squats Run the loop. Mosey to amphitheater.

Ladder dips, 5 minimum. Called at 6:58.  BTTF

YHC took us out. Coffeeteria at Libbie Market.


  • CSAUP of fun 5/6.  Come on out! signup on the Q sheet. Nothing to worry about, we will have trained CPR pax on hand. 
  • May FNG drive. Special awards at Memorial day convergence. 
  • Best of luck to all 10k runners. Run Happy!

NMS. Recruit and don’t give up. Sad clowns don’t know they are.

We found the missing blocks at the garden / axe? training site on love hill.  Need more blocks. 













































































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