Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Space Ghost Coast to Coast


4 Stallions whose kids Spring Break plans have been filled with camps and cartoons got up and attacked the Gloom head on this morning. With a lot of our brothers out of town for the week, YHC had a feeling the attendance would be light which gave the opportunity to test some new variations of standard exercises. According to the Janitor patrolling the halls of Tomahawk Middle, here is what went down.


Mosey around the Parking lot and back to center, circle up.

  • SSH, Imp Walkers, Ukr Soldiers, Arm Circles small/big, Butt kickers, Calf Raises, DQ, Merkins, LH to RH high variations (5 count each side), LBC, Flutter kicks, Box cutters, Scorpion Kicks, on your feet

Thang 1 – The idea here was to try a standard workout with different variations to target muscle groups slightly different. Boy did it. Partner up and do 2 circuits.

  • Partner 1 runs to far light pole
  • P2 does variation of exercises on either bench or wall.
  • Exercise 1 – Pike Press Merkins
  • Exercise 2 – Incline Tricep extensions. (Lean on bench, elbows tucked, bring head down below hands and press up with triceps
  • Exercise 3 – Bench or wall jumps (think box jump but on bench or wall)

Thang 2 – Mosey to Love hill for 11’s up the hill

  • Exercise at the top, double count ball dippers
  • Exercise at the bottom, squat jumps

Thang 3 – Circuit 2. Plan was to go island to island for a 3 hour tour, but some giant dumpsters got moved in front of treasure island, so we made a pivot to Space Ghost Coast to Coast (one side of parking lot to the other) made for some brief mumblechatter between the heavy breathing. Partner up again for 3 circuits.

  • P1 runs to the other side of the parking lot and back
  • P2 completes incline curb merkins, calf raises, and curb dips.

Thang 4 – 20 Calf raises on the curb OYO. Standard, toes in, and toes out.

Mosey back to flag and do progressive burpees on the way home at every lit light pole. Made it up to 4 and it was time.

Great work today fellas. It was a standard workout with a twist, and this one had me breathing a little deeper and hitting the muscles a little different. Way to put in the work!


  • See slack for CPR classes, 2 spots left for each time slot.
  • Conversation on EH of our brothers that have remained out. Winter is gone, and today was a crisp 70. Time to work on getting our guys back out for the Spring/Summer/Fall routines. Discussed having deeper conversation at our next monthly SOJ meeting. Would love to see some of you there.

As always, make it a great one fellas. Iron sharpens Iron.



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