Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Special Operators, Albeit in Training


Seven night stalkers moved further, faster, and fought harder in the latest edition of First Watch. Conditions were 70 and sunny. According to their leader hiding in the bushes, the following might possibly have happened:

Mosey from the parking lot to the back of RRC, Baptist.

Whoa – on coming car split the PAX. Leader in front on one side of the road, six PAX on the other. Q proceeded to perform one burpee at each speed hump. Meanwhile, being mentally alert, physically strong, and morally straight, the PAX determined to catch up, or, failing that, attempt a mutiny: the oft-mentioned, but rarely attempted, “We’ll just stop running and see whether the Q noticed.” Well aware of their shenanigans, YHC moseyed to the next corner in the parking lot, veered left, and took refuge in the bushes. After some time, along came a walking PAX of six, wondering aloud how 215 pounds of Manhood had disappeared into The Gloom. Boom – trap sprung. The predators becoming the prey.

Mosey back to the front of RRC, Baptist, for the COP

SSHs, DQs, IWs, reverse crunches, WWIIs, HRMs…and mosey 5 feet west to the steps.

Dora 100-200-300, with a twist. Grab a partner.

Partner 1: Run to the bush on River Road.

Partner 2: Exercises. 100 derkins, 200 four-count flutter kicks, and 300 SSHs.

Twist: each time the partners switch, perform 5 Boo-Yah mercans. Harder than it sounds, but the PAX showed the world that they are specially selected and well-trained.

Mosey to the back of RRC, Baptist for Elevens. Much discussion of the best method for achieving the objective. YHC enjoys feedback. Frankly, YHC deserved some after an exceptionally poorly laid out exercise. Adapt. Overcome. But, always endeavor to uphold the prestige, honor, and esprit de corps of the group.

WWIIs and snow angels. Bernie Sanders up the incline in the parking lot. Run back down. Better training. Fight with all your might. Give it 100 percent and then some. Under no circumstances embarrass yourself.

Slow mosey back through the parking lot. 5 LBCs at every handicapped space, totaling about 30 LBCs and 5 WWIIs on the last space.

Burpees at each speed hump on the way BTTVSF. Numbers, names, and Handshake took us out.

NMS: World’s longest triple check May 6 at Godwin. Boot camp, ruck, and run in circles. Find some teammates and one injured dude. Gomer has the details.

Good chatter today. YHC needed some good laughs, and the PAX delivered. Coffeeteria hit the spot, albeit at 6 a.m.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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