Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Security Footage Review


According to the surprised teacher heading into the school early and what could turn out to be some interesting security footage, this is what happened when 6 bootcampers rolled around the JRHS campus. (oh yeah and 2 runners did everything they could to avoid hills).

A loose idea for a workout avoiding Twin Team and KB brought out a few that don’t normally post to TT. Easy warmup with tight cadence until we tried the Scapula merkins – a Toga? favorite. Poor explanation and cadence led to completing 2 or 27 of these depending on how you were counting. Mosey around to JRHS past the scary dog, don’t worry Bullseye, OC is here to protect you. Stop and do some stuff along the way, HRM, Pull ups, slow Shoulder taps. No one waiting for parking spaces so we flipped a few tires. Behind the school was a mess of traffic so we found a mostly empty parking lot. Some marching APDs, slow APDs – [Redacted] – holding it for that good glute work, form is important, gotta make sure those glutes are tight for the M. To our surprise the one car in the parking lot was not empty and the occupant may or may not have been very confused/offended/disgusted by 6 gentlemen working on their APD form behind his car.

Some more moseying, mumblechatter, lunges, dips, single leg squats, HRMs and probably some other stuff brought us back to the start. With time still left on the clock we we used a few of the many new benches that have been added to the front of the school. [Redacted] Decline shoulder taps were by far the most popular here, especially when the cadence hit Bullseye aka Ludicrous Speed.

Great morning to be out in the gloom. Lots of slow cadence HRMs [Redacted] to work on form and some other deliberate exercises to concentrate on form and [Redacted] mumblechatter rather than speed and counts. Too much to do at this AO to be limited to how far a KB can travel. The security footage from JRHS and BWES may be reviewed multiple times for laughs and questions by security guards, probably best if they don’t have audio.

Prayers for Machismo as he develops his leadership skills with the expansion of his business, Bullseye’s dad, and Gumbo’s friend’s dad and family.

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