Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

There are routes, and then there are routes


13 lucky lads and lassies launched at first light in the latest edition of Sunday Funday. Temperatures were 70 and sunny. According to the knuckleheads who park badly at the Pump House, the following route(s) likely happened.

Start on the North Bank of the James River, at the North Bank Trailhead. Take that trail east, under the bridge. Regardless of any other choices, keep the river generally to your right; ensure that bears and dead bodies remain to your left. Oregon Hill can decide which applies. Turn right at the parking lot. Traverse the wavy bridge, turn right to stay on the Belle Ilse loop. Turn right to traverse the sturdy, wooden bridge. Turn right to stay on the trail. Turn right many times up the staircase. Right at the end of the bridge. Stay on that trail. It’s called Buttermilk. It will take you home.

When you see the big bridge, go under that road and take a LEFT on the other side, then another LEFT at the road. Go across the big bridge and take a LEFT to the end of the run, where your friends will be waiting.

Or, get lost somewhere along the way, call your friends, and have someone pick you up.


Superb day for a morning run. Unless you like clouds. And, rain. If you slept in today, the Fart Sack lied to you, for it was not in fact better.

Offshore is excited. After five years, the “fluids” study has been published. On the off chance that someone donated, ahem, he thanks them.


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