Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hootenannys around the Park


11 redwoods met in the gloom looking to see a post St Pats Gomer Pyle trainwreck and found themselves sadly disappointed by a solid beatdown. According to the 3 barred owls presiding over Byrd Park, here is how it went down, more or less.

The Thang

5 burpee start.

Mosey to VITA grassy field. Disclaimer. 15x SSH, 10x Don Quixote, 15x Arm Circles, 16x reverso Arm circles, 10x seal claps, 10x Merkin IC, 10x HRM IC, 10x Grass Angels, 10x Australian Grass Angels, 10x Hulk Hogan merkins, 10x + 1 SHAZZAMs. Flip it over. 10x Hello Dolly, 10x Rosalita, 10x HtH, 10x flutter kick, 10x Freddie Mercuries, 10x Bohemian Rhapsody, 10x Prom Dates, 10x Tusacaloosa Trailerpark Twister. Mosey to Rusty Cage.

Fudd shows up.

TC fire hydrant run. 5 pullups + jumpups til muscle failure, squats. Mosey to stage for a block.

TC touch a tree 3, 6, 9. Curls, presses. Mosey to amphitheater.

10 dips each step. Plank for 6. Some bonus planks. Short mosey to circle.

Abs circle – each pax calls out an exercise. Mosey to flag.

YHC took us out. Prayers for Woodstock, TryHard, all injured pax.


  • Sign up for Breaking Bread
  • New AO monday – the Alamo in the Rountree neighborhood
  • Currahee CSAUP convergence. 6a ruck. 7a bootcamp. 8a open 4man team relay. 3, 4, 5 mile loops + a walker route. Special prize for pax that do it all.


Glad Pigskin got half a workout in before heading to the airport and Mississippi. Glad Fudd found us eventually after his Flipper inspired run; admittedly we dont use VITA very often. Good to see Faceplant back out after the baby. Welcome back to Senor Frog – hope you got what you are looking for. We know Handshake got what he was looking for – but that was before the beatdown.

Great coffeeteria afterwards: we learned about cougars and sabertooth tigers and Rosie knows where the 60/40 bars are (maybe thats not surprising)

Today we have 3 owls supervising the beatdown and we all know thats a hootenanny. YHC doesn’t really know why, but owls are uber cool despite their hatred of Saab. Maybe because they live in the night / gloom like a Light Infantryman? Just like Grunts, they are up and moving before BMNT (0622 today, thanks to DST).

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