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Always 70 and Sunny

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While on my golf trip to Myrtle Beach I made it to a workout. Harder than I thought it would be just to get up early but I did it. And I don’t regret it, even a little bit. Here’s a brief description of what we did. I only remember the name of the Q, but there 5 of us.

Warmup was your typical SSH plus some burpees, Don quyotes, Imperial walkers, and arm circles.

Moseyed over to somewhere and grabbed a cinder block. Carried the block about a 5th of a mile to a parking lot.

5 curls at each line in the parking lot (15 lines total) keeping arms at 90 degrees in between.

Next we sprinted the parking lot at 50%, 90%, and 100%.

3 overhead tricep extensions w cinder block at each line on the parking lot.

Bear crawled stopping at each line and doing 2 merkins at each line. Moseyed back to drop off the cinder blocks. Then back to the flag for an ab exercise rinf of fire.

Good group of guys. Prayers for Brown Bag, whose father just passed away.

Going to try and make it tomorrow for a 6am workout, and try bring someone with me who has never done F3.


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