Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Pandaverse


Someone’s gotta celebrate National Panda Day, and that someone was us. 5 bumbling bears jacked into their Tron headsets and entered the meatverse. Not the metaverse, because no one burns calories there, but the meatverse. You know, reality.

Warmarama while listening to the Tron Legacy soundtrack because Daft Punk is excellent. SSHs, DQs, imperial squat walkers, etc. Of course, no one but YHC has seen the movie. Your loss.

Mosey to the arena where we performed the Cinco de Cheqo. Timer box jumps the big stairs, up and around. Others do flutter, kicks, squats, Carolina dry docks and WW2s. The full 5 rounds.

Lots of great mumble chatter about the good ol days of being idiot teenagers, and how technology has allowed our own teenagers to ascend to new levels of idiocy. Laughs were had by all.

Mosey back to the flag where we did finally do some actual panda stuff. Crawl one parking space, ascending mirkins at each line, all the way up to the 10th line and 10 mirkins. Run it back with lunges and double count ball dippers up to 10 for that last burnout.

Shoutout to Showcase for posting again on your work trip, so glad to have at least one authority figure around with these knuckleheads.

COT and prayers for gratitude.


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