Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Malo Malo Victory


After a hard rain last night a super squishy soccer field welcomed 6 HIM’s for a DTH beatdown in the blooming Highland dawn. With 3 FNG’s to show the ropes, YHC led the following:

WARMERAMA: Welcome, Disclaimer, Review of Credo and 5 Principles, Variable IC reps to warm ip top to bottom

COP #1: Mosey down the long gravel road to the bottom, Burpees OYO, then return to the top via Sprint, Lunge Walk, Backwards Lunge Walk, and Burpee Broadjumps

COP #2: Under the covered awning, variable core reps IC

COP #3: On the chain railing, indigenous peoples movement, alternating incline merkins and dips on the chains, last man burpees x2 and runs to front

COP #4: DORA with 100 merkins, 200 squats, and 300 LBC’s, with moving partner bear crawling 20 yards AND back in the malo malo (muddy field)

COP #5: Run to the bottom of the hill, variable IC reps (sumo squats, ball dippers, etc), and x100 calf raises OYO, then stretches before running back to the VSF for COT

COT: Numbers x6, Names (x3 FNG’s), Prayer led by The Quadfather

NMS: Wonderful to have some new faces at Ground Zero today: Dr Matt Woodley (missionary doc) nicknamed Medicine Ball for his love of medicine and soccer, Dr Spencer Kimsen (PNG doc) nicknamed Mountain Oyster for his love of swimming/diving but now working in the Highlands (he’s a Melanesian from the coast), and a local nursing college student who spontaneously joined us during the second half of the workout nicknamed Punisher for the skull symbol on the ball cap he was wearing. All in all another great whooping and all the more rich amid enthusiastic company. Expansion is rolling now! Praising God every moment, DTH


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