Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tour de Timberwolf


5 Beasts mustered the strength to push their legs out of the sack this morning and stare the dark hours in the face. YHC had a planned Q for the AO since becoming site Q to show the PAX all the AO has to offer. Today was that day. Let’s just say that we didn’t stop moving, and much like an excursion when traveling abroad, we hit all of the top tourist destinations. According to our guy in the green trash truck, here’s what went down.


SSH, DQ, Ukr Soldiers, Butt kickers, calf raises, Arm circles small then big, one leg ankle circles to warm up the joints (I knew we would need to), Cherry pickers, Merkins, LBCs, Flutter kicks, on your feet and let’s mosey.

The Thang:

The idea was to hit as many points of T-wolf as possible so we did a lot of short burst exercises today. Here is the progressions:

  • Mosey to benches and partner up. P1 runs to farthest light pole, P2 does incline merkins. Run it back with P2 doing dips
  • Mosey to Love Hill. Sprint up, jog down for one minute
  • Mosey to the light poles in the bus parking lot and do a burpee loop. Start with 1 at first light pole, 2 at the second, 3 at third until we got to 5. What goes up must come down so we repeated burpees 4, 3, 2, 1 to the last light pole in the loop
  • Mosey to bus lines. It wouldn’t be a Vagabond Q without some variation of the large parking lot tracers. Run up side shuffle, bernie back then hit the curb for 5 double count toe taps. Run up, karaoke, bernie, 5 count toe taps. Repeat until we reach the end of the line.
  • Mosey to treasure island for some indigenous plank walks. We got a little off base here with who was going to be the first runner, but we knocked it out. Runner runs around the island while the PAX plank walks around the island. Continue the progression in the line. Reverse it with Crab walks on the curb the other direction for one more rotation
  • Mosey to light pole alley. Merkin progression by 2s. Start with 2 at the first light pole, 4, 6, 8, 10 when we hit the 5th light pole.
  • Mosey to Bball courts. Suicides for 1 minute, no stopping
  • Mosey to track for CORE four corners. Exercises were 10 heels to heaven, 20 windshield wipers, 30 LBCs, 40 Freddie Mercuries
  • Mosey to tennis courts for another four corners, but getting the PAX involved with exercise choices. I kicked us off with 10 merkins, Mcgruff chose 20 WW2s, Heist chose 30 SSHs, Mudslide chose 40 squat jumps, but pivoted to monkey humpers
  • Mosey to the 6th light pole bc we couldn’t leave any out. My intent was to finish with a burpee progression down 5,4,3,2,1 but I looked at the time after 5 and 4 and we had one minute left, so moved to merkins for 3,2,1.
  • Mosey to flag…TIME

Man, I will tell you that in my brain this was a great idea. I wanted to show the PAX all the great options T-wolf has to offer. It is one of my favorite AOs, and we hit most of them, but this one was a beat down. Everyone in the PAX were filling their lungs at the end, but it was well worth it. We got our money’s worth and that one will be making a comeback. Would love to have some more of you join us soon to get a taste of T-wolf.


  • Chatter about all the options T-wolf has to offer. YHC encouraged the PAX to lead one similar of their own soon
  • Spring is around the corner and with that, continue to encourage those coming out of hibernation to join us back in the gloom. It is more about the brotherhood, the workout is a bonus. 45 minutes of DUDE time that we so rarely get. And don’t hesitate to put a bug in the ear of the M’s to help encourage their better halves to burn off the Covid 20. Use a little Goggins mentality to encourage others to own the dark hours and not be scared of 5:30.
  • Reminder that 3/20 we will be shifting the Monday Satan’s Hill to Rountrey. We would love a big showing to turn some heads of all the runners and walkers in the neighborhood. YHC will be leading that Q and it will be last day of hate Q. YHC will also be leading the Tuesday kettlebell work out for the big 40!
  • Prayer for all of our brothers on IR and those that just need the extra motivation. As daylight creeps back in next week and the weather turns, let’s get our guys back out for that DUDE time. Prayers for motivation to lead and that we may be shown the way to have impact.

It was a hell of a morning gents and I appreciate you all for joining. That was the hardest part of your day! Let’s own the end of this week.



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