Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

These go to 11…


11 strong rose to the challenge at Mary today. There was much mumble chatter on this topic of the number 11 quickly confirming the theme of the day. These go to 11 (or not).

COP – mosey to front of school on Grove. SSHs, deadman’s hang, Don Quixotes, imperial walkers and helicopters to get us started.

Mosey to the field and line up for….wait for it….11s! Apparently this 11s is new to the pax so I am happy to introduce a new exercise regimen to them. At each tree (of which there are 11), perform a set of one type of exercise. Round 1 – 3 burpees at each of the ELEVEN trees. Round 2 – 10 LBCs at each of the ELEVEN trees. Round 3 – 3 Lt Dans at each of the ELEVEN trees. The concept of 11 trees was too much for the pax and threw them off for the remainder.

Nonetheless we were able to get some work in. We next moseyed to the pull-up bars and while the pax did dips on the low wall around it, 2 pax would do 5 pull-ups. We did 3 rotations in random fashion as pax was unable to grasp concept of moving clockwise direction like we always do. They were still thinking about the number 11.

Mosey to blacktop for a triple check (not an undecuple check). Wall sits, Flutters, run to fence and Bernie Sanders back. Pax was still thinking of the number 11 and had difficulty forming groups of 3 or 4.

Mosey to front of school for a curb crawl. Bear crawl to other side do 1 incline merkin, bear crawl back do 2 decline merkins, and so on up to 5 and back down to 1.

Mosey to covered pavilion and partner up – one partner does 10 pole smokers and other does step ups on the benches. 5 rounds. We finished with a ring of fire of merkins and hit time.

Based on the fascination with the number 11, YHC may introduce a version of 4 corners called 11 corners or the Hendecagon. Be on the lookout!

Numberama, namerama, YHC took us out. Good luck to the 11 running the Bear Creek this weekend (see what I did there!).


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