Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bodo’s does not break any blocks; Handshake hocks loogie on self.


Another typical Wednesday morning at First Watch brought 8 chilly regulars into the 5am gloom. YHC called for headlamps, Last Call exclaimed “What!?” Time to warm up, let’s go!

Mosey around the parking lot to the tiny triangle park for:


SSH’s, Imperial Walkers, Ukranian Soldiers, Merkins, Hand-Release Merkins, Crab Cakes, LBC’s, Helicopters, DQ’s

Mosey down S. Ridge, evade the paperman in the pick-up truck, breath in his exhaust and commence all the way to the bottom.

Oh look, there are 7 blocks lying beside the road.

Partner up!

Timer runs down Westham Station and turns around at the three full trash bags beside the road and runs back to partner who is doing exercises.

Round 1: Curls

Round 2: Bench Press

Round 3: Overhead Press

All 7 blocks must go back up to the AO parking lot (~.5 mile uphill, of course)

Keeping same partners, Partner 1 carries two cinder blocks while Partner 2 completes 40 LBC’s and then runs to catch up with “two cinder block carrying partner.” Switcheroo until back at YHC’s truck.

Deposit blocks and circle up for:

Honeymoon Suite:

APD’s, Suzanne Somers L&R, Pickle Pounders, Diamond Merkins (for Honeydo, missed you!)

Four minutes of “Broga by Last Call” to finish us out.

Numbers, Names, Announcements and Fudd took us out!


YHC is pleased to report that all blocks made it back up to the truck in one piece, even with Bodo’s posting! Handshake couldn’t shake a loogie loose while doing APD’s and had it boomerang right back on his face. Carrying two cinder blocks back up the hill had it’s challenges. Double shoulder carries turned into Farmer’s carries for some of the PAX. “Proper Diamond Merkins” which consist of putting your nose in the middle of the Diamond, are tough but rewarding. A rare FW morning twilight was witnessed this morning. Bodo’s asked how many times one must post to FW in order to Q. Answer: When you put your name on the Q Sheet!

Well done fellas and way to work. Coming back up that hill sucked!




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