Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Immaculate Conception


Six timely gents, including one traveler from the south, heeded the call of Machismos watch and took off to parts less traveled. A lone warrior ventured in search and upon his travels, found this tale was told.

PAX traveled off campus, across Robious into Greenfield Community to see the latest happenings. Circle up at Granada and Woodmont for welcome, disclaimer and warmups that included Invisible Jumprope, DQ’s, Jazzercise, Copperhead Squats (with hissing) among others. Everyone seems warm, lets get it on….


Partner up for Love Hill on Flat Ground. 1 man runs while the other does moving exercises that included Bear Crawls, Lunges and Broad Jump Burpees. Finish up at Neptune Dr. Short Mosey over to the lush fields of Greenfield.

DORA of Love: Partner up again. 100 Pickle Pounders, 200 Squats, 300 Flutters (2 count). Partner ventures out to find 3 trees and returns, no repeatos.

Back out onto Greenfield for Brocode Lindsay. Start with 30 WWII’s and 10 Carolina Drydocks. Travel around the block as a group, stopping at various intersections until complete 10 WWII’s and 30 Drydocks. Avoid the spikey grass, heavy traffic and numerous onlookers staring out their houses. Finish up at Woodmont and Rockledge Rd.

Burpee Drive BTTF: Travel along Woodmont stopping at vehicles along the way. SUV = 1 burpee, Car = 1 HR Merkin, Truck = 1 Jump Squat. Double the exercise if vehicle is parked on the road or passes the PAX along the way. School Bus = 1 WWII.

BTTF to find the lone PAX member returning from a solo for quick Mary of American Hammers and APD’s.

Names, Numbers, Prayers, Announcements. YHC took us out


SOJ Social this Friday March 10th. 5.30 @ Diamond Billiards. Try to win Rosie’s money at 8-ball.

Good luck to DTH and his Family as they spread the good word and good medicine to those living in Papa New Guinea. Safe Travels.


Good to have a traveler, Marta, join the group from Charlotte as he visits F3RVA for a quantitative physics convention. This led to intense mumble chatter throughout the beatdown. With smaller numbers due to various reasons, it was good to venture off campus and see a new territory to explore. Machismo lost his Pickle Pounder virginity on those plush green fields of Greenfield park. Neighborhood was quite busy this morning but led to some good laughs and entertaining discussion. Always good to spend the morning with you gents.


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