Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The official 5 year Q


16 veterans and 1 FNG joined for this weeks episode of Hoedown. YHC had been planning this workout for a few weeks but there was an extra twist when Swirly motivated another one of our coworkers to come out. YHC had been planning on repeating FNG workout (originally hosted by Honeydo) to celebrate the day, and with another coworker there as a FNG it was a great opportunity for us both to experience the same first workout 5 years apart. Here is what transpired:

COP – Invisible Jump Ropes, Don Quioxtes, Merkins, Scorpion Kicks, Flutter Kicks

Mosey to the back field – 4 Corners: C1 – 5 Burpees, C2 10 Merkins, C3 15 WWII’s, C4 20 Mountain Climbers. Round 2 – increase every exercise by 5, Round 4 increase again by 5

Mosey to the Pull Up Bars – R1 – 10 Pull Ups, R2 – 8 Pull Ups, R3 – 6 Pull Ups

Triple Check – P1 – Donkey Kicks, P2 – Run to far side and back, P3 – Step Ups

Mosey back to the front of the school and partner up. P1 – 20 PLT’s and both partners Bear Crawl across the Grass. P2 – 20 PLT’s and both partners crawl back across the grass, repeat 3 times.

Mosey back to the circle for 3 minutes of Mary.

No announcements of prayer requests.

NMS – it was great to have such a big crowd on a Monday for the “official” 5 year Q. The Pax List for YHC’s first post was: Plush, EF Hutton, Kubota, Slurpee, Offshore, Wedding Singer, Upchuck, Ronnie, Mr. Holland, Keymaster, and Honeydo. Unfortunately Plush and Slurpee are no longer active and Keymaster moved to California. That being said the only person who is still a regular that couldn’t make it was Wedding Singer, but the two of us texted and he’s getting ready for the Bear Creek 10 Miler and he has a long Run on Sunday, good luck Wedding Singer!. I’m glad YHC’s co-worker Jason was able to make it out. YHC came locked an loaded with a great nickname from a movie the Pax was either too old or too young to get the reference. Fortunately the PAX reminded YHC that with the average age being early to mid 40’s that they too make generational references that YHC doesn’t understand and they found a good name for Jason. Jason is from Panama Beach, Florida and the main club hangout from MTV’s Spring Break 1998 in Panama Beach was a place called Senor Frog’s. So henceforth Jason will be known as Senor Frog.


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