Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Widely Divergent


Eighteen Atlantic Puffins returned to their imprinted nesting place promptly at 6:15. When they started, who they traveled with, and what route they took varied. What is known is that no one was alone… well except maybe Bodos. Regardless, we huddled up for a well said prayer from our friend Oyster. Very well said brother.

RAMM may now have a reputation as being disorganized. People start at different times, some people ride, some people walk, some people ruck, some people run. You know what? Who cares! Without fail, we all come back to our nesting spot when it’s time. Just like the Atlantic Puffin.

You can thank my 2.0 Tidwell’s digital report on the Atlantic Puffin for the backblast inspiration.

Enjoy the day fellas. It’s always a blessing.


  • Amateur RAMM Gears on 3/31. Best costume gets their photo posted on Slack.

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