Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

7 Years Strong (well, not really, sorta)


9 mighty men and 3 walkers on the IR showed up in the pre dawn darkness for a Thursday beatdown. Here’s how it went down:

COP on the Blacktop: Deadman hang // Imperial Walkers // Ukrainian Soldiers // APDs // LBCs // Hand release Merkins // Pickle Pounders // 21s SSHs, Hitchhiker strikes again

7 of Diamonds: 4 corners on the blacktop with exercises in increments of 7 in each corner: 7 Plank Jacks x 4 // 14 Merkins x4 // 21 LBCs x 4 // 28 Jump squats x 4 // 21 Flutter Kicks x4 // 14 Carolina Dry Docks // 7 Burpees x 4

Steal the Bacon! 2 groups of 4, number called and race to the bacon. Losing team does 5 burpees.

COP: Flutter Kicks // LBCs // Oblique LBCs // Freddy Mercuries

SMS: On this day 7 years ago YHC showed up and received the name Bodos by one Honeydo. It was many months before the 2nd post, and it was several years after that before the VQ. Swirly demands that I subtract the first 3 years from my record, but I’m just grateful that it eventually stuck. It’s the small everyday habits that ultimately define a life, and this is a good one.

Noted that Steal the Bacon always ends up with an injury, apologies to Upchuck for the slide tackle. Ask TYA to kiss your boo boo.



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