Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Running for a Friend


Fourteen of the best gentlemen you could find, gathered to listen to today’s instructions. Two started early but were instructed to come back for further instructions. Routes were:

The Route

  • 4s – Right out of the parking lot, left up Gateway, left on Campus
  • 5s – Left out of parking lot, slight right up Richmond Way, left on Gateway, left on Campus
  • 6s – Left out of parking lot, slight left along the lake, up by the baseball field and weinstein center, continue up Richmond Way, left on Gateway, left on Campus
  • Everyone cross Boatwright through the path then left on Wheeler
  • Convene at the bottom of Gardiner
  • 3x intervals up Gardiner, recovering over the hill and down Chandler
  • 3x intervals up Chandler, recovering south on Ridge Top, right on Shrewsbury, left on Horsepen, gather at Waveny
  • 1x interval up Dartmoor (audible)
  • 2x interval up Waveny
  • BTTVSF via fraternity row

Numbers, names, announcements, YHC took us out.


  • The bridge this weekend. See TYA.
  • Ash Wednesday service available at Regency, see Bodos for details


Much to everyone’s likely disbelief, YHC hadn’t planned on intervals today until yesterday. Sometimes you need to push yourself harder than you normally would in order to clear your mind and soul of life’s complications. Today was one of those days for YHC.

Thank you all for enduring the repeats up those hills with me. Every step of mine was in memory of Bella.


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