Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fat Tuesday


Nothing to see here..  just a bunch of pax doing some exercise while talking about Riding your Mom’s bike…. Clydesdales cuddling, Guys from West Virginia winning dunking contests Honeydo’s lunge form..
oh wait… that was all Handshake talking about stuff.

It was good to back out in the Gloom with the bootcamp brothers.  Not gonna lie, my runners arms have seen slim to no work in almost 6 months.. full focus on running has made me faster for running races, but i am far less fit than i was this time last year.  while i was struggling to complete Merkins and Pull ups the rest of the pax was bat flippin the work out today.  Great work by all.. I have lots of work to do to catch back up… and it all started today.

How does that saying go.. You can either start it one day or make today day one.

The Thang:
0530 Pigskin comes rolling in on 2 wheels
0532 Disclaimer and we mosey to the Black top behind the school for COP

COP:  I.W, SSH, Plank to warm up

1st Event: 4 corners (each exercise completed to 15 then run to next corner.)

  • Round 1:
    • Corner 1: WW2, Corner 2: Flutters, Corner 3: Reverse Crunch, Corner 4: LBC
    • Corner 1: Squats, Corner 2: Jump Squats, Corner 3: Lunges, Corner 4: Sumo Squats
    • Corner 1:  Merkins, Corner 2: Wide Arm Merkins, Corner 3: Carolina Dry Dock, Corner 4: Diamond Merkin
    • Corner 1: WW2, Corner 2: Merkin, Corner 3: Squats, Corner 4: Burpee

Mosey to the hill
2nd Event:  Heart Break Hill Triple check
3 PAX of 3 pax for 3 rotations1 does WW2s, 1 pax does Squats, 1 pax runs to bottom of hill and back.  Swap until all pax have completed all items 3 times

Mosey around the track to the pull up bars.
Ring of fire pull-up addition. (Twice)  Each pax holds plank while others do 5 pull ups in a rotation fashion until your turn.

Mosey around the track to the bleachers.
15 dips, 15 2 count flutters, 15 American hammers
22 dips, 22 2 count flutters, 22 American hammers
30 dips, 30 2 count flutters, 30 American hammers.

Mosey back to launch.
On your 6.. hold feet 6″ off ground until 6 is in.
60 seconds of Flutters.

All Done.

Thank you guys for coming out and pushing me today.  i appreciate you all.

SYITG!! I’m going to bed now.. getting up at 530 is rough and i have WTH guys to see tomorrow.

John (Gypsy) Boles


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