Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Graveyard Shift OTB 2/20/23


2 Walking Dead lurched toward the hallowed ground of Providence Elementary School. Here’s what the terrified cafeteria worker witnessed, much to his horror :

Florence’s Q :

Alternating Sets of AMRAP Jerkins, LBC’s, Wall Sits, Merkins, Calf Raises, 35 lb dumbbell curls, 35 lb dumbbell overhead press

Big Rig’s Q :

SSH to warmup then variable rep counts of the following –

3 sets of Australian rows and incline merkins 

Lap around bus lot

Decline WW2s 

Incline heels to heaven 

Lap around bus lot


Snow angels 

Scrunchy frogs 

Lap around bus lot 

2 more sets of Australian rows and incline merkins 

Heel touchers 




Mankillers from 5 to 1 then up to 10


Numbers, Names, YHC took us out in prayer

Announcements : Thursday SOJ Lunch at Brickhouse Diner 11:45 am ; Friday SOJ Leadership Meeting & 2nd F at Diamond Billiards 5:30 pm

NMMS : Grateful for Big Rig’s encouragement and presence this morning as YHC is still taking it easy due to hip impingement. Got an Orthopedist appointment this Wednesday morning. Not in an immense amount of pain. It’s just dull, consistent pain and tightness so trying to make sure I don’t aggravate it more and make it worse. It’s unsettling more than anything when you’re dealing with a skeletal issue related to hips or spine. But there are still ways to modify and stay active.


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