Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ten Minutes of Whatever Happened


Eleven of the faithful posted at Grid Iron on a chilly February morning, YHC having filled the minds and hearts of the faithful with promises of an FNG. The FNG was a no-show, but we had work to do. The Q started off by calling merkins but doing side straddle hops just to see who would brought the right level of obeisance to the workout. We then moved on to the actual merkins, followed by hillbillies, LBCs, and some other things.

The PAX was led to grassy knoll behind the schoolhouse, and YHC kicked off “ten minutes of whatever” with ten minutes of with burpees.

The PAX was led to the pull up bars for what was supposed to be ten minutes of jerkins/pull ups (alternating). YHC ended that workout early on account of the painful combination of damp hands from the burpees and sub-freezing metal bars. Probably should have led with that …

The PAX was led to the astro turf fields at Striker Park for ten minutes of field sprints.

The PAX was led to the front corner of the astro turf field for ten minutes of LBCs/reverse crunches (alternating).

The PAX was led to the back side of the astro turf field for a classic Jack Web cycle, but we took it to 12. There was moaning and the gnashing of teeth.

The PAX then bear crawled to mid-field and moseyed by to the SF for a few rounds of var. planks led by Mr. Bucket.

There was some lewd and lascivious commentary along the way, but I’ll leave that to the comments.


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