Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

F3 International Rock and Roll


We started with 4 PAX on a chilly, but clear morning. It was nice to have it light out for the start. We could even here some pickle ball being played in the distance. We made our way to the basketball court for warmup.


10 Don quyotes IC

10 Ukrainian soldiers IC

10 Imperial walkers IC

Hollow hold with arm circles 7 count then reverse and repeat

10 snow angels IC (i just started doing these, they are tougher than they sound) keep shoulder blades and legs off the ground.

5 merkins

Indian run to the west parking lot. Trailer does a Burpee and runs to the front.

We get to the parking lot and see El Chapin chasing us down in his Nissan.

He did some stretching while we did a round of Four Corners
25 oblique V ups left
25 oblique V ups right
75 jump squats
100 shoulder taps

El Chapin needed some gloves so we moseyed back to the parking lot and did some walking lunges and ball dippers

Worked over to the fence around the playground

Indigenous fence walkers. Trailer bear crawls to the front. This looked better on paper than it turned out.

Mosey over to the outside of the outfield fence of the baseball field

Indigenous WW2s w crab walk or bear crawl to the front until we run out of space

Mosey to the next field. DTH talked about his upcoming mission trip to New Guinea. Doing Burpees on the airplane and how he was looking forward to seeing how the F3 he started there was doing.

Chaplain’s Indigenous polesmokers w bear crawl to the front until we get to the light pole. There was an incline for most of these which made it even more challenging.

Mosey over to the West Parking Lot for a round of Man Killers counting down from 10 to 1. I messed up my count a couple of times on these.

Mosey to the concession area

30 chair dips then 30 stiletto squats


Mosey back to the flag

Ab exercise Ring of fire


Flutter kicks

Penguins or Heel touchers

Cross up mountain climbers (left knee to right elbow and vice versa)

Star crunches


Hollow hold to Superman keep switching on my call for about 3 minutes

Did some stretching for about 3 minutes

Lots of Indigenous exercises, inspired by @Chaplain

Great group of guys on a beautiful morning! Shout out to @Doublemint, and @Footloose for rucking this morning at 6am and @HouseParty for Morning Wood at 630am.

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