Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Could We Crawl Faster with Cocaine?


YHC and the legendary Big Rig posted at the Graveyard Shift for another round of early morning fun. The following is a brief summary for your viewing pleasure.

Run to the back of the school for WarmUp:
SSH’s, Arm Circles, Raise the Roofs, Apple Bottom Poppers, Mummy Kicks.

To the school entrance for Exercise One:
One man does WWII sit ups, other runs a lap around the bus loop. 5 rounds total.

To the Big Hill for Exercise Two:

From one side of the hill to the other: Bear Crawl up, Broad Jump to side x 5, Crab walk down.

Exercise Three: Victory Hill (Sprint up hill ) until time is called. I believe we finished 5 sets

Back to the flag for Numbers/Names/Announcements/Prayer Requests

YHC took us out

Final Thoughts: Strong work on a cold and rainy morning. Appreciate Big Rig for his consistency and hard work. Prayers to our fellow Graveyard worker Florence, who is dealing with a hip injury.


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