Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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A crazy 10 cranked it to 11 on 2/11. After performing an abbreviated rendition of Fletch in about six minutes, off we went to the first circle for COP. Hilarity ensured and we dropped down to the amphitheater.

Starting at the top, perform 18 box cutters for each level you are on. Decrease by one per step until the first pax member reaches the bottom. Everyone stops and returns up the steps with incrementing monkey humpers.

Off to the rusty cage for pulls ups. Round 1 = 10, round 2 = 8, and round 3 = 6.

Over to the penny stage for some dora with the blocks. 100 behind the head tricep extensions while the timer does 10 4-count american hammers, 200 curls with a time of 20 v-ups, and 300 bench with a time of 30 2-count flutter kicks.

Touch a tree – 10 trees and block swings, 8 trees with squats with the block, and 6 trees with elbow plank.

A ball was found and we tossed it as a hot potato with the recipient of the ball calling an exercise. We finished just in time to return the blocks and head back to the VSF.

YHC took us out.

Yes, Fletch was the center of today’s entertainment. We quickly circulated through a list of the classic movies leaving Hitchhiker wondering what we were talking about. Feel free to provide him your favorites via slack.

LM was awesome as always. Never disappointing in food, coffer, or conversation.


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