Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lights on and full moon


F3RVA’s darkest AO was anything but on a moderate February morning. The conditions, and Silent Assassin on the Q sheet, drew a bakers dozen PAX out to see what we could do in the light. We did:

COP: SSH, Don Qs, Ukrainian Soldiers, IPs, Merkins, Reverse Crunch(es)

Mosey up to soccer field for Triple Check: Run across & 5 Pullups, Donkey Kicks, & Jump Squats. Head over to 3rd back lot for a Dora 123: 100 Hand-Release Merkins, 200 Heels2Heaven, 300 SSH. Back over to main TES for Fudd’s favorite, Bearrows. 3 Burpees at each Arrow while alternating Bear crawl and Crab walk between. Finish up with 3 min of Mary and done. YHC took us out.

Announcements: Breaking Bread is now open to PAX to go in and serve and eat with those there. This is good news and a great experience if you have not done so. And we’re going back to 2017 for a relaunch of Batteau on 2/20.

NMS: Nice to see 13 strong out to start the week off right. Oyster said he had to get up early and make the drive to spice things up from his normal Satans Hill on Monday. Hoedown is always welcome to be his, and any PAXs, side piece AO. PAX stayed together well during the Triple check but on the Dora had some wild variances in finish times. Some said form was abandoned, Handshake wasn’t there to critique Hand-release merkin form. Fudd was so excited we came back to do the Bearrows that he pushed through and finished first. YHC was worried he would try to get injured by the dumptruck to get out of it but we all stayed safe.


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