Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Summer is here


Well When this groundhog arose this AM he did not see his shadow and summer is officially here? 8 other groundhogs joined YHC in this snowy edition of Timberwolf.

YHC is still hobbled on left calf so running was at a minimum.

COP normal warm up.


Rotate through all stations then run a lap around parking lot. Circuit: 20 each: Merkins, LBC’s, Kettle swings, Drydocks, Flutter/dollie, Goblet kettle squats, Plank jacks, WWII’s, Toe taps. We did 5 circuits with last one being runner timed instead of reps.

Announcements: GLOW Run 3.5.23, Mud run 4.29.23

Prayers: To many losing their jobs and many grieving through loss and recovering their health.

Make today awesome!


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