Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Yea. Seriously…no more sprints. The return of an F3 OG.


4….wait a second… Wilson?!…hell yah. 5 dudes stepped into the misty/rainy cold morning Satan’s Hill. 

Q with Disclaimers and bienvenidos. 

Warmorama: SSH (20), Ukrainian Soldiers (15) CSqts (20), Muricans (20), Plank with hand raise left and right (10 seconds), Hurdle stretch left and right (15 seconds), stretch OYO for 60 seconds. 

The thang

Mosey up the hill. YHC announced classic F3 four corners event around the rectangle with a twist (explaining later). Corners are:

  1. Sultree Dr/Fairham Ln
  2. Sultree Dr/Prenonman Ln
  3. Prenonman Ln/Willowmore Dr
  4. Willowmore Dr/Fairham Ln

The twist — sprint between corners 2/3 and 4/1, about 60-80 yards. 

Round one: Mosey corners clockwise (1-2-3-4). Cumulative leg blaster. Looked like this:

  1. 20x squats. Mosey
  2. 20 squats/20x each leg lunge. Sprint
  3. 20 squats/20x each leg lunge/20x toe raise. Mosey
  4. 20 squats/20x each leg lunge/20x toe raise/20x squat jump. Sprint back to #1. 

Prior to round one, Wilson announced this was the “easy way…no hills.” Customer is always right. Reverse direction (counter clockwise) next round. 

Round 2: Counterclockwise (1-4-3-2). All upper body

  1. 20x muricans 
  2. 20x decline (curb used) spider-man Muricans
  3. 10x Diamond/10x Wide Muricans
  4. 20x plank jack

Wildcat blasted everyone on the first 3 sprints. Oyster said no more and put on the after burners on the final sprint. The flames from Oyster’s sneakers caused Wildcat to pull a Hammy. He was able to push through the rest of the beatdown. Maybe no more sprints for awhile after Nancy strained his calf last week going 110 percent. 

Made it back to flag with about 8 minutes left. Distributed Cindys for farmers carry down the lot and back. Then setup Cindys on curb for 2 rounds of dips and pushups. One more down and back Cindy carry (overhead this time). Some funny mumble chatter about likely having to explain how they got a headache from bashing themselves with block. 

Outro: Numbers and Names. 


  • Glow for Galactosemia glow run on March 5. Details coming. Support a good cause. 
  • Kettleball workout tomorrow at Old Hundred     led by Mudslide. 

Prayers – Wildcat took us out. Prayers for our families and all the men in F3. Prayers for any of the dudes on IR. 


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