Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Amateur Astronomers


Moonlit and unseasonably warm, this group of four embarked on this week’s edition of Punisher.

Short mosey to the from for COP. Another short mosey to the side of the school for Jack Webb. 1:4:8 ratio of merkins, air presses, and arm circles with reps of 1-10.

Off to the bus loop for a set os 11s – Rocky Balboa on one side, lunge to the other for 4-count American Hammers, and lunge back.

Back to the soccer field for Dora in the soft dirt. Partner 1 runs the perimeter of the field. Partner 2 performs 100 dips, 200 Carolina Dry-docks, and 300 2-count flutter kicks.

Off to the other side of the school and assume a spot on the wall in people’s chair while the Pax works down the line each completing 30 donkey kicks. 20 decline merkins on you own then BTTW for a line of 10 chicken peckers.

Chum Bucket concluded with some yoga and then took us out.

Announcements: The next Punisher happy hour will be late February.


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