Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rock and Roll


13 Rock and Rollers (2 FNGs!) came out for another cool morning beat down. If they were hoping for less running after the Frozen triangle last week, they would be disappointed.

SSH IC x20
Don quyotes IC x10
Imperial walkers IC x10
Hollow hold while doing arm circles IC
Switch direction at 10
Add in and outs at 15
Continue to 25
Merkins IC x10

One person does broad jumps and Bernie Sanders back.
The other jumps a line in the parking lot

Mosey to the “this ain’t no picnic ” pavilion

Team up in 3s
1 person does Spiderman merkins at the pavilion while the other runs to relieve person doing WW2s at the archery area.

Switch to shoulder taps and heel touchers

Hit the trail @doozy style Bernie Sanders up the big hills

Stop and do 30 count of heels to heaven

Mosey to the next station

Split up
1 person does their choice of jerkins, australian rows, or pull ups
Timer Bernie Sanders to the white post to relieve the 3rd person doing Merkins
Each person does each exercise 3x

Mosey on down the trail
Stop and do 25 jump squats

Mosey to the next station

Each person does Everest mountain climbers on their own

Mosey back to the basketball court
Stretching on your own
Flutter kicks for a 100 count

Not sure how many miles we got in but I think it was maybe 1.75 miles.

Great to have not 1 but 2 FNGs
SOJ has really been growing since I started in August. Enjoyed talking with the PAX about the different options of AOs and workouts that we all have been doing.

Prayer requests
Florence’s youngest 2.0 (or would that be 2.1?) Has been fighting an illness, hope for a good full recovery
YHCs Mom is having a back surgery on Thursday, hoping that goes well.

Welcome to the FNGs Smithers, and Deep Dish! If you see them at your next post, ask them about how they got their name.


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