Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Welcome to the dead zone


8 PAX beat the fart sack today to throw around various weighted objects. According to the early bird waiting for school to start. This is what may or may not have occurred.

Mosey around the school. This building seems to be some sort of rhomboid ish shape with an extra side.

warmerama to loosen up.

now for the kettle bell action:

Lawnmower pulls 10 each hand

Goblet squats x20

Nolan Ryan’s 10 each hand (fist)

Skull crushers x20

Chest presses x20

Ww2s x20

Say anything squats x20

American swingers x20

Halos x10 each direction

Allen iversons x20

Around the world  x10 each direction

Sprint to edge of parking lot, dodge the black ice, mosey back

repeat the whole series

broga and a few bonus weighted work to finish out the time.

numbers, names, YHC took us out.


-PAX lunch Thursday at 1130am at Chicken Fiesta 🪅


Name comes from the lack of cell service that led to a lack of tunes. YHC will download the playlist next time. Until next time!


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