Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We have coffee too


A chatty ocho, many sportin’ new First Watch shirts, came out for this week’s edition of First Watch. According to the Liger in the trees, the following may have happened.

Grab a block and off to triangle park. COP and assorted exercises while Handshake warmed up his wit and sarcasm at a certain Pax member.

Find a partner for Doras – 100 behind the head tricep extensions while the timer does 10 4-count American Hammers; 200 curls with the timer doing 20 v-ups, and 300 bench press with the time doing 30 2-count flutter kicks.

Three rounds of 20 PLTs

Off to the corner of the triangle. Partner 1 murder bunnies down the field while partner 2 does Bernie, burpee broad jump, and lunges to the middle and back to partner 1- swapping each time.

Lindsays with the blocks – squats and swings. Place the blocks in the truck and Handshake took us out.


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