Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Army of one. Backup QB joins the game. 


7 dudes stepped into the Gloom this morning Satan’s Hill. 

Nancy began the Q with Disclaimers and bienvenidos. 

Warmorama: SSH (20), DQ (10) IW (10), Ukrainian Soldiers (10), Mosey to curb. Hands on curb for for 10x Muricans, 10x drydocks, 10x Plank Jax. 

The thang

Nancy had Pax mosey to stopsign and back. Then we lined up along the parking lot for 50/75 and 100 percent sprints. 

At 100 percent, Nancy went 110 percent and felt something pop in his good leg. Dr Wildcat was on the scene and Nancy was unable to further participate. 

YHC put on his best backup QB game face and took the Q over at thar point: 

Part 1: Had to think fast. Had Pax grab Cindys and setup on one side of parking lot. Mosey to the coupon stack (rocks) and choose wisely. 11s was the name of the game. Start with 10 tricep extension, run to other end of lot for 1 cindy row. You know the drill…ended with several sprints and 1 triceps extension and 10 rows. 

Part 2: Coupon rescue mission. YHC did a little woods recon with the 2.0s this past weekend and identified 4 long forgotten cindys thrown off in the woods. Rescue mission ensued with remaining Pax jogging to location and recovering 4 cindys. Pax took turns carrying back cindys. One Cindy may have smelled of dead skunk, but beggars can’t be choosers. 

Part 3: Made it back to flag. Put away coupons. Had about 5 min left. Rounded up the Pax for a few rounds of SSH with 10 best murican rotation. Made it about 2 rounds. Recovery with some OYO warmdown for 45 seconds. Time. 

Outro: Numbers and Names. 


  • Glow for Galactosemia glow run on March 5. Details coming. Support a good cause.
  • Monthly 4th Thursday SOJ lunches starting 1/26. Chicken Fiesta – 11:30 am. 
  • Kettleball workout tomorrow at Old Hundred 

Prayers – Wildcat took us out. Prayers for our families and all the men in F3. Prayers for Nancy to not be severely injured. Prayers for safe travels for Heist’s wife in Morocco. Prayers for Wildcat and his wife as they travel to DR tomorrow for some R&R. 


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