Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Graveyard Shift


Another Providence Elementary version of the Graveyard Shift. 2 of us managed to make it out of the bed and to the Providence Elementary campus. Here’s what we did.

Warmup in the covered main entrance.

SSH IC x15

Imperial Walkers IC x10

Don Quyotes IC x10

Seated arm circles holding legs off ground IC x5 then reverse x5 then bring legs in and out x10

LBCs IC x10

Mississippi Prom Dates (just like Alabama only in crab walk position) IC x10

Merkins IC x10

Mosey over to the soccer at the top of the hill

Run down the hill then Bernie Sanders up x2

Crab walk down the hill then bernie up

Reverse crab walk down the hill then bernie up

Side shuffle down the hill then up repeat opposite side x2

Mosey over to the playground in the school bus pick up area on the other side of the school

Timer runs to end of the bus and back about 100 yards each way while other does

dips x2

modified pull ups x2

decline merkins or planks x1

Mosey over to covered main entrance

LBCs x50

overhead crunches x50

heels to heaven x50

heel touchers for just over 1 minute

Class dismissed


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