Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bad moon rising


8 SOJ dudes put in some work today under a full moon at Timberwolf. 

Mosey to front of school. Disclaimers, etc. 

Warmorama: SSH, Helis, Ukrainian Soldiers, Copper Head squats, Muricans, Flutter Kicks, “Duke” stretch left and right side, 45 seconds for Pax to stretch OYO. 

The thang: 

Part 1: Mosey to picnic tables for a “quad check” 

2 team rotation between picnic table step ups, dips, squats, and running to 3rd light pole in front of school. 

Recover. On to next. Mosey to “love hill.” This is apparently the name according to old back blasts. 

Part 2: Love Hill 11s with Muricans and Sauats. 

20 count. Recover. Mosey to “pole alley”

Part 3: Pole alley with burpee pyramid. 

Start with 1 burpee increase by 1 each pole for 10 total sets that looked like this: 1/2/3/4/5/4/3/2/1

30 count. To the courts. 

Part 4: Two rounds of tennis court 4 corners. 

Mosey back to flag

Part 5:  1 round of Murican Mary. 


Outro: Numbers and Names. 


  • Nancy at the Hill tmw
  • VQ for Mudslide at Rock and Roll Saturday 
  • SOJ get together Friday. Text Nancy for details. 

Prayers – Honeymoon took us out. Prayers for all in the Pax. Prayers for kids in school. May they know everyday God loves them. 

Other thoughts: Lots of encouragement from Pax members today to one another. That is what it is all about people! 


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