Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sold out!


Eight great men came to the big sale and the free 20 minutes of bootcamp was the clear promotion winner. 7 ran off to short pump park while Pigskin did his Pocahontas workout solo. The lucky seven did some warmups of DQ, Helicopters, Moroccans & Ukranian Soldiers and then did elevens of dips and merkins and ran the park circle for about a mile total.

The lucky seven eventually found a street in the Village and did some Bear Crawls one way and WWIIs the other and ran back to find Pigskin. Total mileage of 3.4.

Pigskin was feeling better today and ran around Pocahontas for 45 minutes and stopped for merkins and dips. Basically, we all ran in circles and did merkins and dips.

We all joined together for a minute of Freddie Mercuries.


Brunch Club run this Sat at 6:30 before Gridiron at the Starbucks across from the mall. Frozen Triangle 1/21. Amazon merchandise sorting and loading/unloading MLK day. Happy Hour tonight with the Daville crew. See Slack for all the details of these and more.

Great turnout today and thankful I got to lead a little.


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