Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pee Doesn’t Scare Me


Fifteen extremely excited individuals gathered to kick off ’23 with a run. Route was pre-published so there were few questions.


The Route

  • 4s do the above.
  • 5/6s add a right on Huguenot and right on Panorama before heading down the bat cave, please.
  • 6s add a loop at the top of Iris. York, Maple, Fergusson, St Chris before heading down Campus.


  • Frozen Triangle 1/21 @ 6am @ Dogpile
  • Prayers for Gomer Pyle and Pigskin as they prepare for mission to Honduras
  • DC Ruck Event in March. Should be fun. Ask Florence.
  • CSAUP being planned at Currahee. Details forthcoming.
  • Last day for your First Watch shirt
  • Freeze family service tomorrow
  • Please update your emergency contact info on Slack. Open your profile (on a computer, not your phone, and add emergency contact info).
  • CPR certification opportunity in the works


Flatline came in jamming to Plush, on CD no less. Apparently he’s been retreading 90s grunge since breakfast club on Saturday. Rock on.

Anthrax needs to do a better job training his dog where to go to the restroom.

Thanks for showing up and getting the day started strong.



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