Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Late to the Punisher Party


YHC was coming in hot to Punisher and Chum Bucket had started the warmup and YHC took over to finish the COP.


Chum started SSH and YHC finished for a total of 20 SSH, 10 DQ, 10 Ukrainian Soldiers, 20 LBC’s 10 reverse scorpions, 10 scorpions, 20 merkins.


YHC had a headlamp so we could mosey to side of schooland we did a triple check with four stations.

Triple check 1:

P1 – lunged to tree (about 30 yards) and bernie saunders back as the timer, P2 – Hand release merkins, P3 – Squats, P4 – LBC’s. We rotated through all of the stations for 1 set and performed 2 more sets for a triple check.

Triple check 2 – We moseyed to the back of the school in the play ground. P1 – Ran 2 laps around the bBall courts as the timer. P2- with hands on merry go round in a plank moved to the left and then to the right, alternating after one full rotation. P3 – Dips and P-4 10 pull ups and rest(recovery before running laps). We rotated through all of the stations for 1 set and performed 2 more sets for a triple check.

Mosey back to the front for 2 minutes of stretching and we are done for the evening.

Numberama, Namerama, Chum Bucket took us out in prayer.


Punisher is a great location for an evening workout, as it was nice to see some veterans here this evening and really enjoyed the banter about anything under the sun. 2022 has been an interesting and challenging year in many ways. One consistent barometer through all of this has been the F3 Brotherhood, the faces may change from time to time; however, the friendships are there and I look forward to an awesome 2023. Be safe this holiday season and I will see you in the gloom soon, Cheers…CB!


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