Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Can It Be Done?


3 men were able to confirm that it can, in fact, be done. Here is a brief summary for your viewing pleasure:

To the basketball court for Warm-Ups:
Ukranian Soldiers, Helicopters, Hillbillies, Plank Jacks, APD’s
AND Mario Jumps, Bernie Sanders, Karaoke x 2, Mummy Bernies, Hoppin’ Hillbillies across the court.

Mosey to Twin Team, making a pit stop for 20 Heels to Heaven.

Exercise One: Twin Team Ascent. Get to the top of the hill using a combination of Bear Crawl, Crab Walks, Lunge Walks, Broad Jumps. PAX did whatever worked best for them.

Exercise Two: Twin Team Descent. Stop at every mailbox for 20 count ab exercise of your choice.

Exercise Three: Triple Check. Running, Squats, SSH’s.

Back to the flag for Numbers/Names/Announcement

YHC took us out

Final thoughts: Enjoyed catching up with Greenbow and Doozy this morning. Strong work by all! SOJ appears to have been decimated by vacations, COVID, and fartsacking this week (myself included). Convergence and Doozy Q number 100 is tomorrow morning. I am honored to have been part of a fair amount.


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