Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Christmas Eve at The Bridge


Eleven men of purpose assembled just after The Gloom to conduct the latest version of The Bridge. With temperatures soaring to 70 and conditions sunny, 8 PAX started on-time and were joined shortly by 3 more. According to the three dogs running and jumping to stay warm, the following likely happened:


Mixture of SSHs, Don Quixotes, Helicopters, LBC’s, WWII’s, and TYA’s version of a merkin (like a flip-side version of Vinny’s flutter kicks). Or, something like that.

12 Days of Christmas

Surely, you all know this starts with 1 burpee. Two WWIIs, 3 of something else, and so on and so forth until 12. YHC was asked to “pick” the exercise for 11, which YHC was then told was not appropriate for 11, so YHC “second picked” 11 heels to Heaven. 12 was SSHs. Honestly, not having YHC’s joints freeze was considered a win.

Mosey to the Parking Area for a triple check. Or, at least YHC thinks this was next.

Man 1: Dumpster and back

Man 2: WWIIs

Man 3: Monkey humpers

Mosey to the Corner of the Circle (yes, this circle has corners):

Partner up. Each man runs in the opposite direction of his partner. When they meet, do 10 partner boo-yah merkins. Second round was partner heels to Heaven (or whatever those are called). All YHC knows is TYA’s hands must have been cold so he was pounding on YHC’s shoes to warm up.

The PAX did something like the above a couple of times, but YHC was so cold, the only thought was of how long until time.

Circle of Trust included a few exercises. Wiggle toes and fingers and such.

Time. 45 coldest minutes of F3 in quite some time.

Names, numbers, and TYA took us out.


Bear Creek on March 12. See Lockjaw. 10 mile run in the woods. Limited ground cover, so fewer opportunities for full wipe-outs than in prior runnings.

Gomer is cooking up something for May. Sounds like a one-man, three-part loop-de-loop. Think WWI aerial combat only in two dimensions instead of three and probably with some merkins.

NMS: if you haven’t been to The Bridge, you are missing out. Who helps who more? Us or them? YHC feels like he grows every time he attends. Challenge yourself to attend this.

Solid to see 8 of RVA Current and RVA’s Honorary Members’ Finest in attendance on a 5 degree day. Windchill had us at minus 8 or minus 9. Brr. Not BRR, but brrrrr.

Great to spend a few minutes catching up in the balmy 25 degree building with Jay.

Hardywood spread some Christmas cheer to the residents. Well done. Knocked their socks off, literally.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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