Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

45 Minutes of Gerry x 2


A naughty 9 descended upon Mary to experience a tale of two Geriatric Q’s. This is what transpired – more or less…


  • Donkey Kicks, bear crawl, run out and bernie sanders back (3 rounds)
  • Suicides on the Courts: Mountain Climbers and Merkins intertwined


  • Four corners: Burpees, Merkins, WWIIs, SSHops. Variety of running, lunging, and Karaokes mixed in. Ascending, then Descending.


Good to have TYA healthy and back in the gloom. His excitement was reflected in his persistent pursuit of more Burpees. Hitchhiker will be skiing for the first time today…YHC will be hoping it ends well and not in crutches…

To paraphrase what TYA expressed in the COT, take stock in what you have – and not in what you don’t have..

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