Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Small Modular Nuclear devices are the way


6 masters of their domain made it over to heartbreak in a warming morning to see if low crawling was really on the docket.  According to the firemen of station 9 this is how it went, more or less.

Mosey to COP. 10 each SSH, DQ, Merkin, APD, Tuscaloosa Trailer Park Twister, WW2 x2, LBC, Apollo Ohno, pistol squats, merkins, Shazams
Mosey to the Jerkin cage, 40 dips and gorilla swings along the way: 3x 8 jerkins. 40 more dips and 20x orgasm dips.
Mosey to the shortest pull up bars; pax plank while we rotate doing 6x pull-ups. Repeat.
Mosey to hot dog stand rainbow stretches.
Mosey to base of Heartbreak Hill.  Modified Dora doing 10 of an exercise at the top. Merkins, WW2, Squats. Called for time at end of squats.
BTTF.  10 orgasm dips.
Atilla took us out. Prayers for Melissa and family with the sudden fatal heart attack of her husband. Prayers for patience and no injuries for YHC ski trip.
Convergence at 7 at DogPile Saturday. Frozen triangle 21 Jan starting at DogPile. Currahee anniversary csaup 6 May.

NMS – thanks for letting YHC lead. Good to see Florence make the trek north.  Looking forward to some bonding time with Tippecanoe as we restart skiing lessons postponed 12ish years ago. Coffeeteria conversation ranges a bit. Radiation is really not that bad for you according to Pigskin.

Get some!

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