Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Three Amigos Part 2 (Ice Age)


Three amigos once again braved the gloom today at Frozen Over Satan’s Hill. 

Warmorama: SSH, Ukrainian soldiers, mountain climbers, merkins. Warm enough!

What we did:

Mosey up Satan’s hill. Jogged all around NM to stay warm with various exercises in between such as lunges, squats, merkins, American hammer, LBCs, Flutter kicks. 

We even got in two triple checks at #1 Sultree/Prenoman and #2 at the top of Satan’s Hill.

#1 – A guy runs to bottom of Sultree and back. B guy SSH and C guy squats. 3 rounds completed 

#2 – A guy runs from top of Satan’s Hill to the fire hydrant, B guy does soldier taps, C guy box cutters. 2 rounds completed. 

Good mumble chatter about how it felt colder today than at Dog Pile Saturday. 

By the time we finished we were feeling warm, but ready to be done. About 2.5 miles plus the exercises. Not bad for 14 degrees. 

Outro: Numbers and Names. 


  • Oyster will reach post #300 for 2022 in a few days. 
  • Come out and support Doozy at Dog Pile for   his Q on NYE. 

COT: YHC prayed us out.  


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