Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Large 4 corners


At 5:20 YHC had 2 beatdowns in mind depending on who shows up will determine which beating they get. 4 able bodied runners was the total so beatdown #1 is the answer.

Mosey to first lot at JRHS for COP

DQ’s, Helicopters, Imperial Walkers, Cherry Pickers, Deadman Hangs

Starting at this corner we will do a large 4 corners, second corner being by the Swamp entrance, third corner is BWES playground, 4th corner is BWES main entrance.

After 2 rounds time was running low so PAX did a small 4 corners using the first lot at JRHS

BTTF with a Ring of Fire

Numbers / Names Florence took us out


Reminiscing about the huge 4 corners that Lug Nut did at SOT the PAX discussed (who could do and where it would be) the largest 4 corners workout in the 45 minute time frame. PAX concluded that it would depend on the group run ability, less workout on the corners and AO


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