Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

My count is off? Welcome to the West End


8 not so cold but cold PAX showed up on a 70 and sunny morning in the West End. According to the incredibly fit body builder running the track with no shirt on, this is what happened.

One lap around the parking lot circle up for COP

DQ’s, Helicopters, Deadman Hangs, Cherry Pickers, Imperial Walkers

Lets play the pick a number game. Each HIM picks a number out of a container in turn, PAX does exercise that is on a sheet that YHC has printed. Every 5 picks PAX takes a lap around the parking lot.

Mosey to the nearest corner for a quick 4 corners

10 – Ball Dippers, 20 – Smerf Jacks, 30 – Squats, 40 – Calf Raises

Circle up for a Ring Of Fire

Your choice 20 – Abs or Merkin exercises

Numbers / Names, Rodger Rodger took us out

NMS: A little trip to a foreign land this morning where the people speak with strange accents and count in weird numbers. It was good to get out and see some guys that I haven’t seen in a while.


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