Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Inspirational Holiday Music


Sixteen bootcamp dodgers settled into the UR maintenance bowl (er… not that kind of bowl) for today’s Spider Run. After TYA briefly attempted to hijack direction calling by informing us of his latest educational podcast, YHC spouted off <<mostly>> clear directions and off we went.

The Route

  • 4s / 5s / 6s all follow the same basic loop
  • West, around the baseball field, across the parking lot to a right on College
  • Up Boatwright, across Three Chopt and north on Honaker
  • Right on Patterson
  • Right on Maple
  • Right on York
  • Down Iris around the golf course and BTTVSF
  • 5s / 6s take a right on Stuart from Honaker
  • Bear left when it ends, left again when it ends, then back west on Kensington
  • Right on Ripley, believe it or not (thanks Bodos :/)
  • 6s left on Patterson, right on W Franklin, meander around before taking a right on Maple

Numbers, names, YHC stumbled through taking us out.


  • TYA is hosting the bridge on xmas eve and is collecting money for shirts
  • HDHH 12/21 @ Final Gravity
  • Honeydo strums and sings this Sunday @ Fudds
  • 12 days of xmas next tuesday


Leave it to TYA to provide us with great thoughts leading into our run this AM. Luckily, the festive lights around Patterson this time of year got us back on track.

Always a pleasure gentlemen.



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